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Exterior Painting


We put a lot of demands on house paint. It must also resist cracking, fading, or peeling while withstanding everyday UV radiation as well as frigid winters, scorching summers, soaking rains, and freezing winters. Alex Bainbridge Professional Decorators is good at doing exterior painting and decorating with their colours to give a fresh and new look to your home. Never undervalue the difference a new, tidy coat of paint can make to your house's exterior! Whether we're working with brick, stucco, wood siding, vinyl, cedar shingles, or wood trim, it makes no difference. Our Expert exterior painting and decorating in Cheshire have years of experience painting all types of outside materials:

● Wood

● Composite

● Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

● Fascia and Eavestrough

● Stucco

● Decks

● Patios

● Railings


Making sure that we don't completely disrupt your day is our top focus. Our staff will schedule a call with you before the date of your exterior house painting project to go through all the details after you book your painting job:

● Verify the paint's details and colour.

● Ask you to move the potted plants and patio furniture

● Address any concerns you may have regarding your painting endeavor

Before we begin painting, we'll perform the following:

● Cover any decks, plants, or trees

● Eliminate mold and mildew

● Patch any cracks or holes in the walls

● In order to prepare surfaces for painting, we will power wash

● Wallpaper removal

● Waterproof windows and doors with caulk (Upon request)

Here are some unique coatings to think about, along with a few that need extra care.

● No-fade paint:

Kynar Aquatec, a water-based resin, is present in Never Fade and is guaranteed to withstand UV deterioration for 15 years. must be utilized by a contractor with corporate certification.

● Natural paint:

Linseed Paint has no hazardous materials, petroleum, solvents, or volatile organic compounds. 50 years should pass after three coats. created using a traditional recipe that just calls for boiled linseed oil and pulverized minerals

● Waterborne oil:

Eco is an oil paint that is waterborne and is cleaned up with soap and water. Compared to conventional oils, they are less silky but more flexible and fade resistant. Not to be used to porch floors.

● Gelled oil:

Trim & Door has a mousse-like consistency when it's in the can, which prevents it from dripping while still producing a gorgeous, even shine.

● Self-priming paint:

It is advertised as a step-saver, however, it may require additional coats to get the desired opacity and shine.

● Liquid-vinyl siding:

Depending on the franchise that installs it, this thick coating that is sprayed on by a professional is assured for 25 years or more. It costs twice as much to paint a room professionally.

● Solid-color stain:

Widely marketed as a flat-shinned, simple-to-apply finish. provides a thin film that allows the underlying texture to be seen, although it is less long-lasting than paint.


One of the most difficult aspects of the work can be picking the proper colours. Alex Bainbridge Professional decorators helps you to find the colour for your home from neutral to bold. You don't have to handle everything by yourself! We will be always there for you. In order to assist you choose the ideal colours for your area, Our Expert exterior painter and decorater will speak to you and give you suggestions also for making your home beautiful.


You will receive a customized, thorough written proposal from Alex Bainbridge Professional Decorators that fully describes our services and the complete cost of your exterior or interior painting job. Our estimators provide you with an upfront, precise price; as a result, there won't be any unexpected fees and the work will be completed on time. Nothing unexpected here!


Nothing is more crucial to us than doing the job correctly. While the paint is curing, we'll complete a final walkthrough with you to make sure no touch-ups are required, and once you've given your approval, we'll offer a thorough cleanup. You'll get a follow-up call the following day to make sure everything is to your satisfaction.