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Home Improvements

Realize your dream by our home improvement services in Cheshire, Chester and Wirral

In the process of designing a pleasant atmosphere to live in, where you feel good and where it is good to receive, we offer you the possibility of improving the interior of your home. We guarantee you a quality service for a house improvement according to your tastes. Thanks to the expertise of our staff, we ensure that the result always meets your expectations. The objective of a home improvement service is to improve or modernize your interior's look; for this reason, we favour the notion of beauty and aesthetics without forgetting efficiency and durability.

Our Benefits

● Years of experience at the service of your projects

● Visit and free estimate with the precise study of your expectations

● A single point of contact for all your painting and decoration needs

● Qualified, certified professionals and insurance

What can we do for you?

● Refresh your Kitchen-

If you feel that it is too simple or too dilapidated and want to renovate it, AHB Decorators is the contact you need. We provide you with top-of-the-range services to guarantee your well-being. We advise and accompany you throughout the improvement work. We make sure to create an optimized, bright and well-organized kitchen for you.

● Bathroom Improvement-

It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional to improve and renovate your bathroom. Thanks to our equipment, know-how and knowledge, we guarantee you a quality renovation, and we accompany you throughout the realization of your project. Whatever the space in your bathroom, we can take it into account and optimize it.

● Living Room Improvement-

The living room is the main room in a house or in an apartment. Making it welcoming and warm is our goal. To achieve this, we put our extensive experience in the field of redevelopment at your disposal. Do you want to install a new floor covering, have your walls repainted or even give your furniture a makeover? Our experts ensure the improvement of your house from top to bottom

● Bedroom Improvement-

The bedroom evokes the most intimate place in the house, where you rest and release the stress of the day. It is therefore important to make it always more pleasant. To do this, we invite you to benefit from our precious help. AHB Decorators ensures an optimal and personalized layout according to your needs.

● Save Money by Insulating your Attic-

For better energy performance in your home, attic insulation is a good solution since 30% of heat loss occurs through the roof. Beyond the cost of the work, the attic's insulation represents a long-term investment because this operation allows you to reduce your heating bill and thus make considerable savings.